Making your travel plans? We can help with that…

January is our top month for online travel searches here at Bing, so we thought that adding a new feature to help you work out where and when to go might help.

When it comes to travel research, we know that trawling through pages of text can be boring, so we wanted to make it more of a visual experience. After all, from our own research, we found that many of you are keen to be inspired by the travel content you find online.

The Places Ecard brings together useful information about cities and countries around the world – compiled from a number of sources – in a visual way. This means that you can get everything from the weather, to what to do and a whole lot more, right on the search results page.

So when you are researching that upcoming trip, or even just trying to decide where to go next make sure you Bing it.

Check out a few examples here:


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