Guest Post: My Microsoft Life discusses Bing Visual Search

In the first of a series of guest posts, Michael Gillett, Editor at My Microsoft life, shares his thoughts on Bing’s key features. His first post talks about Bing Visual Search.

“I have been a Bing user since the search engine was rebranded and relaunched back in 2009 and I have grown to love some of the lesser known features that Bing offers. Visual Search is an excellent example of a feature no other search engine has. It allows sets, or collections, of data to be explored in ways that are not possible through alternative methods of search. I have discovered quite a lot from filtering the various data sets and I hope the video shows you how I use the feature and how it can be of use; I am especially looking forward to using Visual Search to find new apps for my Windows Phone 7.”

Michael Gillett is Editor and creator of My Microsoft Life. Click here to check out his blog

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