Bing Features: Visual Search

After celebrating a year in the UK the team at Bing wanted to showcase some of our great features. Bing was created out of a wish to offer the user a more rich experience than just ten blue links and one example of this is Visual Search.

Visual Search is an exciting and innovative experience that allows the user to explore complex data in a visual way. Want to see the 30 most popular celebrities on Bing? Or find an Oscar
winning female actress under 35
? Check out visual search galleries covering categories from shopping to celebrities,
shopping, travel
and sports

Visual Search also offers the user much more; you can even compare prices and reviews within the Bing Visual Search shopping gallery. There you can shop for everything from a new
washing machine to the latest digital camera.

Visual Search is constantly evolving and updating. Earlier this week you may have noticed our new Visual Search galleries including women dresses and shoes, why not try them out and let us know your thoughts?


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