A few features to share...

With our first birthday on the horizon, we wanted to share a few features to make your searching simpler.

Picture this scenario; have you ever stumbled upon a great site for a restaurant on a Friday afternoon which is so good that you can’t wait to share your discovery?

With Bing’s new social sharing feature, you’ll be able to share this search with friends with one click of a button using Messenger, email, Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be able to save time and your friends will be buying your meal for such a great recommendation!

Here’s an example of when we searched for Thai restaurants in central London: 


And to make sure it’s the right restaurant for the perfect occasion, once you click on the restaurant’s name, you’ll be provided with customer reviews, restaurant opening times and access to the restaurant’s site.  Getting hungry yet?

We’ve also been working to make searching easier and faster for you. On the left hand side of every  page you can see your search history. This means it’s easy to find searches you started yesterday, and it also brings those habitual searches will be brought to your fingertips. And if you don’t want your recent searches to show on the page, it’s very easy to turn off with one click .

Keep your eyes peeled for our 1st birthday post, it’s coming soon…

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