The World Cup is here!

Today is the day! The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in just a few hours in South Africa, with the host nation playing Mexico.  Here at Bing we have loads of great ways to help you keep up to date on all of the latest details, stats, scores, and news for your favorite teams and players.


Below are just some of the ways that Bing will be bringing you your FIFA World Cup information so be sure to keep checking back to the Bing blog for all the details. Later this week we will have a map and a facebook application that you won’t want to miss out on.


Keeping up to date on the games:

Bing Instant Answers will bring you all the latest details live. Whether it’s the schedule of upcoming games, live scores of specific matches, player stats or group standings, Bing will provide a faster and more visual way for you to stay up to date. In these Answers, you will also see some direct links to who we are working closely with to make sure we are bringing you the most current and accurate information as it happens.

Want to know more – just start searching on World Cup and you will get the below Answer. Once the tournament starts, it will also display and track the top scorers during the tournament.

Plus Live Scores:  During the matches, the 2 match entries will display one or both of the live games and the scores of it.


This shows you the next few matches to be played, or the results of the last few matches played, including any ongoing LIVE matches.

Group Standings

See where your team stands compared to others in your group. Try world cup group b standings



If you want to see just the matches that your national team played or will be playing, along with deeplinks to FIFA for further cool information, we have something for you too. Try England World Cup


Want to check out how your favourite player is doing? How many Yellow cards he has got? This Answer has all that, and more,  with deeplinks into FIFA to find out more about that player. Try Wayne Rooney:


 And if you want more than Instant Answers, try our Visual Search galleries where you can get key info and more on all the teams and players – all presented in an easy to explore format.



Here’s to a great World Cup (and victory for whoever you are supporting!).

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