Move your lips

In the week of the budget, it was very timely to read that, according to Euromonitor, lipstick sales have increased by more than 3%. Why? Well, some economists believe that during a recession, women will purchase more lipstick because it is an affordable luxury. Instead of splurging say £100 on a dress, women have been purchasing lipstick to add an instant lift to their drab wardrobe. Even if you’re a bit skint this month, you can probably still afford Chanel – in the form of a lipstick

 Lipstick also has a psychological impact. While girly, flirty lipgloss has become associated with the now out-of-fashion Wag culture, lipstick suggests an element of class and empowerment. Alongside stiletto heels, red lippy shows that you mean business. A painted pout also has all kinds of associations with the femme fatale, Hitchcock Blond, you name it – if you think of any character that oozes sexuality and commands a certain prestige, they’ll be wearing lippy. Indeed, even Lady Ga Ga has got in on the act and is currently endorsing none other than Mac Viva Glam.

So when it comes to showing off your inner strength and commanding an audience, grab a lipstick and let your lips do all the talking.

Here are my favourite lipsticks: Mac Lady Bug Lustre, Christian Dior Addict High Shine, Max Factor Lipfinity and Bourjois Rouge Lovely Lipstick

 Ciao, Becs

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