Homepage Sweet Homepage

We released a new homepage for Bing in the UK today which now gives you an easier way to explore new features such as reference, twitter and visual search. The goal is to make it easier than ever to find new features in Bing such as:


·         Finding a desktop wallpaper to match your mood

·         Submitting products reviews to demonstrate your shopping expertise

·         Navigating through London using the Tube Map in Bing Maps

·         Familiarising yourself with MPs ahead of the Election

·         Swotting up on your trivia by reference searching


Where previously you clicked on the ‘More’ scope to access these features, just click on the ‘Explore’ header in our new Explore pane to view our extensive Bing services. We have removed the Videos link temporarily whilst we rejig the navigation but it will be back up again in the search results page soon. Meanwhile, if you want to do video searching then simply append the videos to your query and click through via the instant answer. Alternatively you can start your video search at http://www.bing.com/?scope=video&nr=1&FORM=NOFORM.


Enjoy! – Marie

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