This month on Bing: election info, image UI refresh, NFL answers, and word of the day

This October, we're excited to announce several new features at Bing.

Multi-perspectives on ballot initiatives


With the midterm election a week away, we want to make it as easy as possible to find the information you are looking for about measures on the ballot.  
We try hard to make well-educated decisions when we vote, but we live in a world overloaded with information. With Bing’s multi-perspective answer, we hope to help voters understand the full range of arguments for or against key propositions by clearly presenting and summarizing the main arguments on each side.

For example, Colorado voters can stay up to date on Proposition Y (redistricting limitations), or Proposition 111 (payday lending practices) while voters in Florida can view for and against arguments for Amendment 9 (offshore drilling) and Amendment 4 (felons' voting rights).


Covering more than 75 measures nationwide, Bing gives voters the information they are looking for before heading to the polls on November 6.

A new way to view and browse images


We’ve updated the UX of the image detail page on Bing desktop to more easily highlight new and relevant information about images you click on. For example, if you’re searching for images of food, Bing will automatically find recipes associated with that image, presenting the information in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Looking for outfits or costumes? Bing will help you find related product pages where you can purchase the item you are looking for. The intention behind these changes it to make it easier than ever to find relevant information and inspiration for your image-based searches. 


We’ve also extended these UX changes to our new visual search results page, where you can search using an image as an input. Whether you’ve uploaded an image yourself or are browsing the web, Bing’s object detection features can help you more easily zoom in on particular parts of the image which you might want to search, learn more about, or buy. 


NFL expanded 


With the NFL season in full swing, we’ve come up with even more ways for football fans to stay on top of their game. No matter what information you’re looking for, Bing presents a comprehensive picture of each game with stats, schedules, viewing information, injury reports, news, and even predictions.


Additionally, Bing’s pre-game insights provide specialized notes that guide both new and experienced football fans on the history of the teams and the matchup, as well as what to watch for in the current showdown. 


Word of the day


Finally, as we’re approaching the new year—we want to give everyone a fun and easy opportunity to expand their vocabulary. Bing’s new word of the day is simple way to expose yourself to new words and concepts. Learn the featured word’s meaning, pronunciation, and see the word in context. You can also navigate through the words for the past week to catch up on words you may have missed. 


Tomorrow’s word? That’s a surprise! 

We value your feedback


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