Bing Preview Release Notes: Mobile Improvements and Sports Grounding

This has been an exciting week! At Build 2023, we announced we’re bringing Bing to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, giving it a world-class search engine to provide timelier and more up-to-date answers with access from the web. That new experience is currently rolling out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and will be available to free users soon by enabling the Bing plugin. We also announced a shared plugin platform between ChatGPT and Bing Chat—along with several new partners. 

We revealed Windows Copilot, which will bring the power of Bing Chat directly into Windows 11.
On top of these new experiences, we’re excited to share that more of our previously announced mobile features across Bing and SwiftKey are now fully available to all users:

  • Bing Chat widget in Android: We’ve launched a new Bing Chat widget you can add to your Android Home screen. Once installed, selecting the Bing icon will take you directly to chat.  


If you have an Android device, instructions for how to add widgets to your Home screen can be found here.

  • Compose messages in SwiftKey:  We released a new Compose feature in SwiftKey that works similarly to Compose in Edge sidebar—it generates text for you based on your selected parameters, including subject, message tone, format, and length. For example, you can use it to quickly help you write an email to a service provider asking for a resolution on an issue. Then you can quickly edit your drafted mail and send it. 


  • New tones in SwiftKey compose: We also now support two new tones: Witty and Funny.  

  • Translator in SwiftKey on iOS: We released an AI-powered translator to the SwiftKey keyboard that supports all Bing Chat languages. Translator has already been shipped on Android and is now available on iOS this week. 

  • Sports Grounding: We’ve taken steps to help Bing Chat give better answers if you're asking questions about sports topics—including games, schedules, stats, and standings across a variety of sports.

    Love baseball? Ask Bing Chat “What MLB games ended today and what were the scores?” or “What are the stats from the latest Seattle Mariners game?” If you’re a cricket fan, ask Bing Chat “What’s the upcoming test match schedule between England and Australia?” or “Show me the Indian Premier League scores for 2023 in table format." 

Keep your feedback coming!

-    The Bing Team