Bing Preview Release Notes: Image & Video Search

Here are a few examples of what has changed since our March 24 update:
•    20/200 Chat Turns: We increased the maximum turns in a single conversation from 15 to 20. The total number of turns per day has also increased from 150 to 200.

•    Image and Video Search: We integrated image and video search into Bing chat.  You’ll see these results appear as answer cards below your chat answers, and you can click “See more” if you want to explore further in Bing image search.  If you can’t find an image you’re looking for, try making one with Image Creator.

•    Local Grounding: We know from your feedback that Bing chat needed better grounding for local-related queries.  This week, we delivered enhancements to make Bing give better answers if you’re trying to find a park, a store, or a doctor’s office near you.  Expect us to make further improvements in local grounding based on your feedback.

Additionally, we closed feature gaps and known issues with Bing chat in the Edge sidebar—including:
•    Bringing the context enhancements announced on March 17 to Edge sidebar, helping you summarize much larger pages and documents.
•    Supporting Bing Image Creator in Edge sidebar (in Creative mode).
•    Making the sidebar load faster and preventing it from loading with a blank screen at first launch.
•    Preventing conversation resets that occurred when Edge was left running for a long time.

Please keep your feedback coming!

-    The Bing Team