Bing Preview Release Notes: Increasing Chat Turns to 30/300

We continue to ship previously announced features and respond to your product feedback. Some of these features may temporarily appear in your Bing Chat experience as we experiment with them. These Release Notes will update you on which features have shipped and are fully available to everyone as of today. 

Here’s what we updated this week: 

  • Increasing Chat Turns: We’ve raised the maximum number of turns you can have in a single conversation with Bing Chat from 20 to 30. The total number of turns per day has also increased to 300.

    This increase also applies to any conversations in your chat history.  You can return to conversations where you may have previously reached your turn limit and pick up where you left off. 

  • Bing Image Creator supported in all chat modes: In March, we announced Bing Image Creator being fully integrated into Bing Chat—and we rolled it out initially in Creative mode. This week, you can also use Bing Image Creator in Precise and Balanced modes. 


    Ask Bing Image Creator to “generate an image of a dinosaur chasing astronauts on Mars” or “generate a poster for a French art film featuring a Tortoiseshell cat.” 

  • Travel: Travel queries now generate more visual results. Ask Bing Chat “What are the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan?” or “What are some good summer vacation destinations in India?”  Bing Chat will answer your questions with links for more information in Bing Travel. 


Keep your feedback coming! 

- The Bing Team