Plan your day or week confidently with new forecasts from MSN Weather

With so many things that feel outside our control, it’s helpful to know what to expect outside. Whether you are looking for the best time to take a run, planning a road trip, or chasing powder for a ski day, MSN Weather can help. Our new experience delivers accurate, state-of-the-art forecasts; interactive, animated maps that make the weather easy to understand; and timely weather notifications and news for severe weather events.

To start, we’ve released weather summaries for you to quickly get a confident idea of, for example, what you need to wear if you’re headed outside, or the best time to walk your dog. They are available on the Microsoft Edge new tab page, weather answer, and, so you can get caught up wherever you are online.

If you want more weather details, just click on those summaries or go directly to to get a full-page view of the weather. We show details such as the current ‘feels like’ temperature, wind, and humidity level, along with hourly predictions for the day’s temperature and chances of precipitation, so you can plan your day. For those who really like to plan ahead, we also show a quick view of the 10-day forecast to help if, for example, you have some outdoors errands to run in the coming week. 

Many other weather services provide general forecasts for large spans of time for broad geographic areas, and may overlook the fact that it can be raining buckets in your neighborhood but sunny just a few miles away. Unlike those, our forecasts are powered by radar images that are augmented by social, spatial, and temporal data processed by deep learning in our neural weather model. These forecasts reflect small topographical variances in your specific area so you can get forecasts for your street, not your county, with predictions on a minute-to-minute basis. 

If you want to dive deeper beyond the weather summary, you can scroll down to see a rich, interactive map of predicted weather conditions over time in your area, powered by and Bing Maps and MSN Weather predictions. You can change views on the map and zoom in to your specific location to see animated views over time of the predicted temperature, precipitation, wind, and more, so you can see beautiful visuals even when it’s ugly outside.

The map also provides detailed views of severe weather events such as winter storms, wildfires, and hurricanes. These events can be stressful, whether you’re in a severe weather area yourself or are worried about family and friends. Our view shows you a detailed map, overlays relevant information (such as the level of alert for a winter storm, snowfall forecast, air quality in areas affected by wildfire, and more), and highlights top relevant news, so you can quickly get peace of mind and know what to expect.

All of these features are available on desktop in the US, with availability in more geographic areas planned soon.

We hope you’re as excited by these new features as we are, and stay tuned for more updates in the future! As always, please leave any thoughts you have with us by clicking the ‘feedback’ button on the bottom right of the MSN results page.