Search local stores and more with Microsoft Bing 

Do any of these common refrains sound familiar when it comes to shopping?

“Who has it? Are they close?” “Let’s make sure it’s in stock first.” “Can we buy it online and pick it up?”  

Time is important and shoppers are smart. Consumers increasingly check store stock availability and choose to buy online and pick up in-store. These options save time and effort, and searching with Microsoft Bing or Bing Maps makes it even easier now to shop with convenience and certainty. 

Search a Store

You need something from a specific store. Where is the location closest to your home? Are they open? Is your product in stock? Using Microsoft Bing or searching on Bing Maps, you will get rich results that will answer all these questions! 

For shoppers who are away from home, results like these are great for something important needed urgently, thoughtful gifts to bring home, or even just quickly finding that forgotten extra device charger.

Local merchants also benefit from these features. With more informative results provided, shops can let shoppers know what their product focus is and become go-to options for their specialty products.

Search for a category or product

For consumers looking to spruce up their homes for the holidays Bing search provides local results for what is needed, as well as inspiration for what is possible. By searching for new table lamps on Bing Maps, results show store stock, expanded views of products at the stores, and even include store reviews. This helpful level of information can motivate and confirm purchase decisions, helping shoppers spend time and money wisely. 

Search for a topic

With  broader topics, Bing search helps focus your choices and narrow down “nearby” suggestions. Searching for gift baskets on Bing Maps, you’ll have the same option to narrow the search. Results also provide product options nearby and store reviews, so shoppers can buy with a high level of certainty that what they need will be there when they need it. All these features help make shopping trips convenient and successful, turning searching shoppers into loyal customers.


Saving time and building customer affection for stores and products benefits both consumers and merchants long-term. And shopping with informative and helpful results from Bing Local and Bing Maps quickly gets shoppers from search to purchase to pick-up and back home.