Bing 2020 US Elections Experience (Beta)

Our goal with Bing is to provide quick and easy ways to find the information you need to make informed decisions from across sources and content. This election season we want to provide a single destination for the 2020 U.S. presidential race that delivers comprehensive information about candidates and issues. Today, we’re launching an expanded Bing elections experience in Beta. 

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is right around the corner and it can be difficult to find information on candidates and issues in one place. You might have to search across various news sources, candidate web sites, government sites or look through a voter’s pamphlet – piecing together information. 

To provide a single destination for the 2020 U.S. presidential race that helps users find comprehensive information about candidates and issues, we're sharing our expanded Bing elections experience in Beta. 

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, Bing aims to help people understand the issues at the heart of political discussions. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive view with the most relevant, accurate and timely information. This includes a holistic overview and introduction to key issues, with a range of news sources and opinions, and key legislation that impacts the issues. 

The candidate experience leverages data sources from news articles, official candidate sites and non-partisan partners such as When searching for a particular presidential candidate, we present all of that information into a simple experience where people can find the latest news, upcoming events, and explore each candidate’s stance on the issues, in their own words, from various sources. The experience also provides a summary of each candidate’s voting record on congressional bills.

Today, the Beta experience begins with a focus on the U.S. presidential candidates and related issues. Over time, as we learn and hear feedback from customers, we will look to expand this experience.

This work is part of a broader effort across Bing and Microsoft News to provide people with the most relevant and timely information to help you make decisions. 

We’ll continue to refine and improve this experience over time and we welcome your feedback as we continue on this journey.

-The Bing Search Team