Bing Preview Release Notes: Performance Improvements on Microsoft Edge and Bing

This week, we made several important performance improvements to the AI features in Bing including integrating Bing Image Creator into Edge sidebar, and general performance improvements. 
To start, we’re excited to follow our previous announcement of the integration of Image Creator into the new Bing; you can now access Image Creator via a dedicated icon on the Edge sidebar! This update means wherever you go on the web, using Bing and Edge, Image Creator remains only a few clicks away. 
Bing Image Creator will help you create images that don’t yet exist, powered by the very latest DALL∙E models from our partners at OpenAI. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a very specific visual for a social post or even a PowerPoint, Image Creator can help you find exactly what you need. Without losing your flow, simply navigate to the sidebar on the right side of your browser, tap on the Image Creator icon, enter your prompt, and you will see four different image options to choose from. Once you select the one that fits your needs, you can download it and add your document or upload it to social media. When using Image Creator in Microsoft Edge for the first time, you’ll need to enable it in the Edge sidebar by clicking the “+” icon and turning on the toggle key for Image Creator.

Beyond the Image Creator, we also made several performance improvements across Bing and Edge. We: 
  • Added the ability to pick up a convesation in sidebar where you left off, so you can continue in your flow without losing context when you move to sidebar.
  • Extended the max length of chats, so you can have, for example, conversations about longer documents.
  • Addressed performance issues on Edge sidebar to help reduce loading errors
Please keep your feedback coming! 
The Bing Team