Bing rocks two new tools for the everyday musician

Every summer Microsoft hosts a group of highly talented interns from all over the globe. These interns work on projects they’re passionate about – projects that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions.

This summer, Cassie, now a sophomore at Texas A&M University and flutist, and Olivier, now a junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and saxophone player, joined the Bing team as interns.  Both hoped to create tools that are intuitive, something they and their friends would use in their everyday lives.

The end result: a guitar tuner and metronome  available across all your favorite devices!

Never worry about forgetting your tuner again. Bing provides a tuner right on your phone, tablet or desktop. It features many of the commonly used tuning settings, along with auto replay of sounds.


Once you’re in tune, try Bing’s new metronome to help you stay on beat. You can select predefined tempos, state your exact desired beats per minute, tap along to a song to match the tempo, define your measure length, and even stress the beats you want.


Many thanks to Cassie and Olivier for their great work this summer. If you’re a college student, (or know one) and are interested in creating products you’re passionate about that help people to achieve more in life, you can apply for a Microsoft internship here. If you have feedback on these tools or ideas for additional features for Bing, let us know by posting to Bing Listens.


Olivier (left) and Cassie (right), the interns behind Bing Tuner and Metronome for the everyday musician!

The Bing Team