Bing and IE Team with CNN for Elections 2014

Last week we introduced Bing Elections, a dedicated search experience aimed at arming voters with all the information they need to make informed decisions about Elections 2014. brings together the latest news from the right, left and center perspectives, up-to-date predictions across governor and national congressional races as well as political trivia and the location of the nearest polling place in your area.

Bing Pulse Goes Live with New CNN Magic Wall Experience

We’re excited to announce that Bing Pulse will now be included as part of CNN’s broadcast coverage of the 2014 US elections through to the 2016 Presidential elections. Bing Pulse will give viewers the ability to give real-time feedback on political events happening ahead of Election Day. People can join the conversation by “voting” every five seconds on their reactions to what is happening onscreen. Bing Pulse results already have been presented on the Magic Wall following President Obama’s ISIS speech and on the Erin Burnett Shows. To see how the technology works, tune-in during CNN’s live broadcast of the Florida gubernatorial debate at 7pm EST and share your thoughts by visiting CNN will report on the voting results after the debate.


This announcement is part of a partnership with Microsoft, which includes a significantly upgraded version of the Magic Wall used by CNN Chief National Correspondent John King on-air. In addition, together with Internet Explorer, CNN will be debuting a new broadcast companion website called “My Magic Wall,” available today at  You can read more about the experience here.

MyBallot Now Live

Today, we’re also rolling out an update to the MyBallot* feature which will show you everything that will appear on your ballot based on your zip code.   With a few simple clicks, you can dive in and educate yourself on the senate race at the national level or a proposition affecting your city. Visit to do all of your personalized research.

–      The Bing Elections Team

* Due to data availability, this feature is not available in all markets.