Bing Elections: Your One-Stop-Shop for Comprehensive Election Information

As the U.S. approaches one of the most hotly contested political seasons in years, Bing has launched a new election experience at that helps you get 360-degree view – from local to national – into Elections 2014.  Bing brings you the latest news from the right, left and center perspectives, up-to-date predictions across governor and national congressional races, a personalized Voter Guide* that includes side by side comparisons of candidates’ positions as well as a tracker to find the nearest polling sites in your area.

According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Bing, 50% of people said that they don’t feel confident about voting this November with 70% stating they don’t feel informed on all the issues.


Politics aside, our goal with Bing Elections and the personalized Voter Guide is to arm voters so they can make decisions based on the most comprehensive and best information available.   Whether it’s the senate race at the national level or a proposition affecting your city, we’re hoping to give you the confidence to make the most out of your vote.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Interactive Maps

By searching for elections related topics or visiting you will see an interactive map of the United States that allows you view which party is predicted to win across  Senate, House and gubernatorial races.  Hover over a state or zoom into a district and we will show you head to head candidate match-ups and their respective odds of winning.  You can sort by incumbents, Bing Predicts and on election day we will provide a view of real-time exit polls.


My Ballot

In the coming days, when you arrive at you will see the “My Ballot” option on the right hand side of the screen.   From here, based on your location Bing will display everything that will appear on your ballot as well as the location of the nearest voting station in your area.  You can compare candidates, dig into propositions and even see predictions from Bing as to which candidate has a higher chance of winning the elections.

map update 1


Over the coming weeks we will be updating the site with the latest data available on the races, so even if you have already voted be sure to check back to keep tabs on how the 2014 elections unfold.

Derrick Connell (@DerrickConnell)

Corporate Vice President, Bing

* Due to data availability this feature is only available in major metropolitan markets