Play “Decode Jay-Z with Bing” and win

It’s been 10 days since we launched “Decode Jay-Z with Bing.” In that time, you have discovered over 105 pages of Jay-Z’s upcoming book Decoded.

As you know, Jay-Z has placed the pages of his new book, Decoded, out in the world to be found. And he’s partnered with us take you on that journey. At the website, you have the chance to piece the pages back together using Bing Maps.

As the game unfolds you’re asked to answer clues about Jay-Z’s life and lyrics, which hint to the real-world location of those pages.  Use Bing to help you find out

The clues are showing up in some pretty amazing spots.

Roof of the Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans

On this page, Jay-Z talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The page can be viewed by climbing to the roof of the parking lot next door to the theatre.  Fans can show their true colors by cracking the code and making the trek.

New Orleans

Times Square Billboards

This week, not one, but three billboards went up in the most iconic spot in New York City – Times Square. Over the course of three days, the billboards were unveiled revealing more pages for you to decode.

Times 1

Times 2

Times 3

If you haven’t started playing, it’s not too late.  Any player who locates a page online or in-person (by texting unique game codes from the page) is entered into a drawing for a prize: the specific page they’ve located, signed by Jay-Z.  All participants will be entered for a grand prize: two tickets to Jay-Z and Coldplay in concert in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.

Visit to play! 

Eric Hadley- General Manager, Bing

Open to US residents 18+. Ends 11/20/10. See for complete rules.