Bing and Microsoft Tag make downloading the perfect app a snap

With over 300,000 iPhone apps on the market today it can be daunting to wade through the sea of options to find that perfect app. If you’re searching on your device, the screen size and speed can make it even harder. Enter the top iphone app gallery in Visual Search where we bring together many of the most popular iPhone apps, organized by category with details and links to more information about the app, to help you find that perfect app more quickly. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

The positive feedback generated by the gallery led the team to the next question: how can we help people download the app immediately right from the gallery?

Enter Microsoft Tag! No longer do you have to find the app on Bing, go to the App Store on your mobile, search for it again and finally hit “Install.” With Bing’s new Microsoft Tag implementation on the Visual Search gallery, you can download apps with just a snap of a tag. After downloading the Microsoft Tag Reader for your iPhone, snap the tag associated with the app, which will launch a detail page of the application in the iPhone App Store allowing you to download the app with one tap.

Here’s an example of how to download a top free game.

1.      Visit on your iPhone browser and download Microsoft Tag Reader. This is a one-time download.

2.      Launch the Tag Reader and focus the view finder on the tag image in the picture above

3.      You don’t need to press any buttons, the tag will resolve and launch the app store as soon as it comes under the view finder

4.      Once the tag is resolved, it will launch app store on your iphone with the app already selected. Just tap “Download” and enjoy the app.

Cool huh? We think so, and what’s even cooler is that this is just the beginning of what’s possible as far as connecting content on the web with a mobile device. Think about it – being able to find what you’re looking for on the web and connect it to your device so seamlessly offers an entirely new way to make all data portable! Stay tuned for more of this.

Amit Kumar – Bing

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