Bing Predicts goes 9-4 in Week 9, now 89-43 for the year

Bing Predicts goes 9-4 in Week 9, now 89-43 for the year

Each week Bing Predicts picks the winners of every professional football game. By every Wednesday, for the rest of the season, we’ll update our prior week’s results, share our upcoming week’s predictions on Bing and provide insights into how we make our picks.

Week 10 Predictions:

Week 10 starts with another Thursday night divisional match-up where we expect New York to beat their upstate Buffalo rivals. Carolina and New England remain undefeated as they both secure road wins on Sunday afternoon. We finish this week’s games with Cincinnati remaining unbeaten with a Monday night win over Houston.

Here are the predictions for the other 10 Sunday games:

  • Baltimore returns from a bye week to beat Jacksonville.
  • Denver gets back on track with a home win over Kansas City.
  • Green Bay returns home after two tough road games against undefeated teams to beat one win Detroit.
  • New Orleans secures a road win over Washington.
  • Oakland moves to 5-4 with a win over Minnesota.
  • Philadelphia returns to first place with a win over Miami.
  • Pittsburgh defeats Cleveland despite needing to go with a back-up QB again.
  • Seattle closes the gap in the west to one game with a win over divisional rival Arizona on Sunday night.
  • Saint Louis defeats Chicago, a team coming off a road Monday game with another road game.
  • Tampa Bay secures another win at home in a close game against Dallas.



Week 9 Results:

Bing Predicts was 9-4 in Week 9, missing an Atlanta one-point loss, a New Orleans overtime loss, and three-point losses by Denver and San Diego. The victories included us correctly picking Carolina to stay undefeated, Minnesota to beat Saint Louis and Buffalo sweeping the season series against Miami.

Playoff Projections:

Just a reminder as we approach the end of the season, we have weekly playoff projections which project the outcomes of the remainder of the season. For the first time in our projections this season, Carolina has overtaken Green Bay for a one-seed. While we correctly predicted that Green Bay would be 6-2 at this time with the losses to Denver and Carolina, we did not project Carolina to be 8-0 at this juncture, and they do not play another team with currently a winning record until mid-December, so we now project them to be one conference champion. Denver’s surprising loss drops them to a three-seed among the triumvirate of previously unbeaten teams in their conference.


-Walter Sun, Bing Predicts Team Lead