And your most searched on Bing in 2014 were…

As 2014 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at the people, moments, and events that shaped 2014. Trends in Bing searches give us a unique view into what mattered most to us throughout the year. Turns out, 2014 was a year full of celebrity star-gazing, sports-spectating, and high-end designers. We’re excited to share some our favorite trends below! For a complete list of Bing search trends from the US and around the world, please visit


In the Spotlight:

Kim Kardashian dethroned Beyoncé as the most searched person this year. 2014 was the year of Kim with huge spikes in interest around her buzzworthy Vogue cover, extravagant wedding to Kanye, and her photos that “broke the internet.” Keeping up with the family business, Kim’s little sister, Kendall Jenner, breaks into the top 10 for the first time.

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Celebrity Babies:

Hollywood had baby fever in 2014! Hey girl, the most searched celebrity baby of the year was Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s baby girl, Esmeralda.

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People We Lost:

In 2014, we remembered iconic personalities and inspirational figures who passed away. Comedic legends Robin Williams and Joan Rivers passed away and news of each passing had people searching for answers and taking to the internet to re-watch some of their favorite moments with the actors.

You can see the full list here.

News that Impacted Us:

Sports news certainly stole the spotlight in 2014. The World Cup was the most searched news story of the year, followed by the Super Bowl at number two, and the controversial Winter Olympics at number five. People turned to Bing for more details about breaking news as well, including the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet, rise of ISIS, and Ebola outbreak.

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Strange but True News:

Sometimes we read news stories that we just can’t believe are true. 2014 was full of these, including a $10 million yacht that sank right when it launched, a nun who gave birth without knowing she was pregnant, a teen getting a tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt, and more.

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Hitting the High Notes:

Who runs the world? Queen Bey takes the crown for the most-searched musician of 2014. This is no surprise after her ‘On the Run’ tour with hubby Jay-Z was a smashing success, amid divorce rumors. Nine out of the top ten most searched musicians were female. Talk about girl power! Justin Bieber was the only male to appear in the top ten, coming in at number five.

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On the Field:

The reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks surpassed the Dallas Cowboys as the most searched sports team in 2014. Coming in at number three are the World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants. Surprisingly, no basketball teams made the top ten list of most searched teams.

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Let’s get App-y:

Bing search results show that we are social butterflies when it comes to downloading new apps. Half of the most searched apps of 2014 are social media apps. Skype is the only video communication application on the list, coming in at number four. The top gaming apps are Candy Crush and Angry Birds again this year, with newcomer to the list, Farmville, appearing in the number ten spot.

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Fashion Forward:

Michael Kors moved from the number two most searched designer to the number one slot this year. Louis Vuitton jumped from number ten last year to number two this year—the most significant shift in the fashion list.

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We hope you had as much fun as we did reminiscing on 2014! Here’s to a healthy, happy New Year ahead!


– The Bing Team

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