One week out and here's a roundup

We launched the beta just over a week ago and there’s been a lot of discussion about what we’ve been doing.

Reviews of the beta:

WebProNews notes that the beta feedback has been mixed.
Mike Hall loves the fact that we can help him with his algebra homework.
Angsuman Chakraborty thinks that we released the Beta too early. He also questions the veracity of our site descriptions. I want to respond to this by re-iterating that there is no human intervention in our Index; all results are based on our algorithms.
Cyan Bane is excited for desktop search and likes the results & the UI.
Stingo likes the UI but thinks that our relevance needs work.

Extending the beta:

The first extensions of the beta! Internetreklama has bookmarklets for msn search on IE, Opera, Mozilla & Firefox. Thanks for making these.
SEO Scoop discusses why someone should consider adding MSN Search to their site.

About the blog (which has 249 public subscribers on bloglines, pretty good for 1 week old):

Nathan isn’t sure if the blog is trying too hard or not, but is glad that we are using it.
Mike Manuel has a play-by-play of our first set of posts.
Peter Dawson told us in the blog comments that we should jump on the cluetrain. We’re trying!

Finally, a contingent of us made it to the Kirkland Google party last night. I was the mystery blogger that Scoble mentioned (I’m the guy on the right next to Stefan B. of Amazon). It was a great time. Thanks for the party Google & welcome to the neighborhood.