How we’re doing

As you can imagine it’s been busy here. In the 2 days, we’ve served millions of page views and queries, rolled out a couple of system updates (note the improved performance) and yet I was still able to go see The Incredibles last night (it was great!). We’ve had over 1000 pieces of feedback sent to us, in addition to what we’ve seen in WebmasterWorld, the Search Engine Watch Forums, our newsgroup, and on blogs. The top things that we’ve heard so far are:
UI suggestions & ideas – Thanks, we are paying attention to these and will evaluate them.
Developer API requests – We plan on releasing something next year, as soon as we can.
News Integration – There have been a lot of requests to integrate Newsbot with the Beta.
Availability – Our system updates should help this area, but this is a Beta product and we are only using a small portion of our server farm. We will be increasing the number of machines over time and soon we will start to take traffic from our live site.
Relevance – We have gotten a lot of feedback about relevance (over half our feedback) and we are actively reviewing them. As previously mentioned, we are using the feedback that we are receiving from you to get better.

Keep the feedback coming; we’re listening.