Google, Microsoft no longer 'more evil than satan'

As mentioned in a previous post on this blog, we recently received our first few MSN Bombs.  One of these was the phrase “more evil than satan”, which brought up both Google and Microsoft in the top 10 results.  A number of you sent us feedback on this.
Well, we just pushed out our latest round of automated relevance improvements and they changed the results. Now neither Google nor Microsoft rank in the top 10 any more for this particular query.  Our algorithm changed its mind.
Just so you know (since I’m sure you’ll ask), this wasn’t a targeted change. We are constantly refining our ranking algorithms to produce the best, most accurate results, so changes like this happen all the time. 
Finally, for the record, we won’t be commenting on the ranking of individual results from here on out.  The algorithm decides!  Feel free to send us feedback.