Bing adds your state's view to its Political Index

The presidential race is getting more intense, with an increasing focus on state-by-state delegates. As the candidates woo voters in the remaining primaries, it becomes even more important to understand where each candidate stands on issues, and whether the states they are courting support those stances.

Enter the newly enhanced Bing Political Index (BPI). Now you can view the collective sentiment of the population of each state regarding 10 top political issues. You can also compare yourself not just with each candidate, but with each state in the thick of the political fight.

So for the Indiana primary yesterday the BPI data provides a sense of where the people of Indiana stand on issues from the environment to education policy, and whether or not their beliefs align with those of the campaigning candidates.

Bing Political Index

For another example of the BPI in action, let’s take a look at the Washington state caucus where Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton. Based on the issue stances of the state, Sanders’ views closely align with those of Washingtonians. In addition to this level of analysis, tying together each key state and candidate in the context of issue stances, the updated BPI also demonstrates how each states’ view has changed over time in relation to the rest of the US public.

Bing Political Index

Here’s an example of the enhanced BPI.

Bing Political Index

Bing Political Index

As a quick reminder, candidate scores on the issues are not the only research you can do state-by-state. Our Search Wave feature, launched for Super Tuesday, lets you explore seven days’ worth of search trends around a candidate. You can filter by party or by state to understand who is most avidly searching for a candidate – by gender and age demographics. If you want a candidate snapshot of search activity, navigate to that candidate’s Search Wave page.

Search Wave

The Bing team is committed to keeping you informed about the issues that matter. Between our Search Wave feature, primary predictions, social trends graph, and our updated BPI, Bing is a must-check resource throughout the election season. Keep following along @Bing for continued analysis, answers and insights.

- The Bing team