Explore Your World with Bing News

Over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of work to show how Bing can understand more about your world with Satori, our technology that enables Bing to have a deeper understanding of the people, places and things around us and the relationships between them. Last week, we revealed a faster way to find people in Autosuggest. And now, we’re introducing a feature for our news vertical related to how you can explore people, places and things in a visual and easy-to-use carousel format.


Bing News is already a great place to search for news, but wouldn’t it be great to go a level deeper? Starting today, you can search for a notable person in current events and not only see the top news results from across the web, but also a visual carousel which allows you to explore important and timely topicsrelated to the specific person you’re searching for:


Building this browse-able news experience requires a deep understanding of current events, the people that matter and how relationships between these two play out in public life. We’ve really taken this concept to heart and will even display related individuals on the right-hand side. For example, why is Nicki Minaj related to Taylor Swift? Looks like she was honored alongside Taylor at the Billboard Music Awards:


And that’s not the only progress we’ve made over at Bing News. We recently extended our news articles index beyond two weeks. This means when there’s no fresh news related to a given query, we can look back over several years to bring you any relevant articles. This is a pretty significant update and is just the start as we work to make Bing News even more comprehensive. While there’s still more to do, we believe these updates provide you with a deeper understanding of the world and an opportunity to explore the connections we’re able to make over here at Bing.

Thank you.

– Tim Leung, Bing Principal Group Program Manager