Bing and Paramount Pictures Bring Star Trek Flair to a Phone or Computer Near You

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness we have teamed with Paramount Pictures to help you get it in the Starfleet Spirit. On May 16th, the next installment of Star Trek hits theaters and we’ve been hard at work on a set of fun Bing features to celebrate your inner-Trekker.



Speak Klingon/ clip_image005 : Just in time for your next dinner party or interplanetary skirmish, we’re releasing Klingon to Bing Translator. Now in a few simple clicks you can translate text from English to Klingon (and vice versa!) Available via the web here and also as an update to Bing Translator for Windows Phone 8.  You can read more about the feature from the Microsoft Translation Team here (Klingon version here.)


Understand a Tribble from a Romulan: Regardless of whether you’re new to the Star Trek universe or fresh from a convention, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead, ask us your favorite Star Trek question like “who said live long and prosper?” You’ll see us serve up some fun results that will help you know Bones from Sulu.


Check out the features on Bing and hit theatres on the 16th.

– The Bing Team