Bing Round-up: Get movie recommendations with Cortana and see where the March Madness action is with Bing Maps

Get your weekend movie recommendations from Cortana

If it’s Thursday and you’re wondering what fun things to do over the weekend, Cortana might just have the answer for you. Especially if you love going to the movies.

Cortana continuously learns new things about you and will suggest new activities that you might enjoy. Last October, we announced that Cortana will keep an eye out for your favorite artists and will let you know in advance if they are coming to your town.

Cortana movie show times

Now Cortana understands what movies you like, based on your search behavior. Between Thursday and Sunday, you might see a personalized list of movie showtimes popup on your Windows Phone*. Remember, Cortana did correctly predict 20 of the 24 winners at the Oscars this year, so she knows a thing or two about the best movies. You can browse through the list of recommended movies playing near you, research each in detail, and go straight to the Fandango website with one click to buy tickets. The more you engage with Cortana on these recommendations, the better the movie suggestions get over time.

You may also see Cortana recommend a list of movie trailers in genres that you like, giving you a taste of upcoming films to see or discuss with your friends.

Cortana movie trailer

To turn on both of these features, users need to go to Cortana’s Notebook and turn on the ‘showtimes+trailers’ interest.

We hope with both these cards**,Cortana makes movie watching fun for you!

* Also available on Windows 10 Technical Preview

**Both cards are currently available in the US only

March Madness comes to town on Bing Maps

March Madness kicks off this week with the first round of games starting in a few days. The bracket has become the traditional view of the tournament, but Bing brings things to life in other ways too. So, to go along with Bing’s bracket builder, the Bing Maps team has published new imagery of the stadiums that will host both the NCAA Division 1 Men’s and Women’s games across the US. In a post on the Bing Maps blog you can see how we mapped out where the teams are from and where the games will be played. View the completed maps here:

– The Bing Team