What a Difference a Day Makes

At Bing, our goal is to give you the most comprehensive and trustworthy set of search results so you can get more done. Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time and computational horsepower to ensure that you are getting fresh and topical search results as they happen. In that spirit, we recently released an easy way for you to sort results by time period.

If you sort by “Past 24 hours”, we will show you the top links that have surfaced over the course of the past day. The analogous applies for “Past week” and “Past month.” 

all times

If you choose the ‘Past 24 hours’ filter (performed at 1pm PT Tues 3/26), you get:

24 hours

Now whenever you search, you will see a filter at the top of the results page which lets you narrow down your search based on time period.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

– Dr. Walter Sun, Principal Development Manager, Bing