Hottest Tech Life Hacks to Make the Most of Your Summer

Ah those lazy days of summer… time for some serious fun and sun-kissed selfies. This summer, Bing has teamed up with Digital Lifestyle Expert, Jennifer Jolly to share some fast and free tech-life hacks to get the most out of the gadgets you use everyday. These tips and tricks help you earn free gifts, impress your friends and overall – just make life a little better.

Let’s start with the free stuff. Surfing the web is something we all do every day. According to statistics, the average person spends at least 70-minutes a day just looking around for who-knows-what online. When you use Bing to search – you can rack up rewards credits and get stuff for free — no strings attached. Just create a free Microsoft account, make sure you’re signed in, and you’ll earn credits just by searching with Bing. Credits accumulate, and you’re able to redeem them for free gifts to make the most of your summer, including gift cards for iced coffees, Fandango discounts for summer blockbusters and even free gasoline for those family road-trips. Check out to learn more and start earning your credits!

rewards 2

Heading to a party, the pool, or a backyard barbecue and want to pump up the music from your Smartphone? DIY your own portable speaker by putting your phone in an empty party cup to amplify the sound.  Or better yet, set it in a ceramic bowl – which is an even better conductor. If you hear a little tinny-ness to the sound, add a small cloth to the bottom of the bowl. That adds a little bass back in and cuts down reverb. 

Lost in a parking lot at the beach? Hold your car remote under your chin to amplify your car’s remote’s signal. It really works! It turns out your head makes a great antennae. The oral cavity and fluids in your skull do some kind of crazy wizardry to the remote signal when you’re holding the key fob to your chin. It’s kind of like the reason why those ancient “rabbit ear” TV antennas gave you better reception when you were touching them.

Transform your Hoodie into a fun, relaxed boho-chic summer laptop case for easy transport to the beach, backyard, party or pool. Sounds complicated, but a few easy maneuvers with your sweatshirt and you have a safe case to lug around your laptop or tablet.


Just try a few of these simple tips and tricks, and this summer will be smooth sailing. For more information check out to learn more and start earning your credits. And for additional lifestyle tech tips, you can check out Jenn Jolly’s Tech Now video series on or

Happy summer!

– The Bing Team