As you well know, people are generating millions of tweets every minute on every conceivable topic. Through our exclusive partnership with Twitter, we are rolling out a fast and intuitive way to discover tweets directly in our search results. Whether you are interested in looking up trending hashtag, specific Twitter profiles or the latest tweets about your favorite celebrities, we have you covered.

The central idea behind the approach is that the most interesting content on Twitter can be determined by a combination of a tweet’s popularity, its freshness and the authority of the user tweeting it. We look at a number of signals including tweet quality, retweet count, freshness of tweet, user profile info and verified status, among others. Placing these signals in our model, we serve what we hope are top quality tweets.

How does it work?

In the milliseconds that it takes to type a few letters, Bing automatically showcases the top matching hashtag suggestions.  For instance, if you start typing “#dailysh” in the search box, Bing automatically helps you complete the query.

daily show new 1

Searching for the hashtag “#dailyshow” then surfaces top results from Twitter in the search results.

daily show 2

Bing also helps you find specific Twitter handles. Say you are looking for Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter handle and start typing “@a” in the Search box on Bing. You will see top suggestions for Twitter handles that match your input along with additional info that shows up on hover, to help you quickly find the right person.



When you search for the specific handle, you can be confident that you’re clicking on Ashton Kutcher’s official Twitter profile since the result is clearly marked as “Verified.”

ashton 4


You can also see relevant tweets related to Ashton’s Twitter handle.

snooki 5

Finally, if you are looking for the latest gossip from Twitter about your favorite celebrity (e.g. Ashton Kutcher), simply search on Bing for that celebrity and we will include top content shared on Twitter directly in your search results.

eye glasses 6


Give it a try and let us know what you think on (of course) Twitter (@Bing.)

-The Bing team.