Decision Point: Bing Tests IPv6 Beginning Today

As we announced in February, Bing and other major web sites are joining together to participate in World IPv6 Day, this Wednesday, June 8 2011. IPv6 connectivity will be operational beginning this evening at 5:00 p.m. PT and end tomorrow, June 8, at the same time.


During this time, we will enable world-wide IPv6 connectivity to . Consumers with IPv6 Internet capabilities will automatically access Bing via IPv6. This necessitates both a device that supports IPv6 (like a Windows 7 PC), and support from your Internet provider.

IPv4 traffic will continue to connect to Bing without any change. In fact, most Bing users won’t even notice that this transition is occurring.

A small fraction of users (<1%) may have difficulty accessing Bing and other sites participating in World IPv6 Day during the test flight. You can find help on Microsoft’s IPv6 site.

Some users may experience unexpected differences in Bing on IPv6 day. Feedback can be sent to

Once the test is over, we’ll analyze the data so the results can inform Bing’s overall Ipv6 readiness.

For more detail, you can Bing it: ,

Kevin Boske
Program Manager, Bing