College Basketball Fans, Are We In? Bing Predicts Your Team’s Fate

Two months from today is the most critical day of the college basketball season, Selection Sunday. Dozens of teams, hundreds of players and thousands of fans will be on the edge of their seats wondering one thing: Are we in?

Jay Williams

This blog post was guest written by ESPN College Basketball Analyst, Jay Williams.

But why wait until Selection Sunday if you can find out today? I am excited to tell you about what Bing is working on to bring college basketball fans a one-of-a-kind predictive NCAAB experience. provides daily analysis from Bing Predicts on whether or not your team makes the tournament. Bing also predicts where your team will finish in the conference standings and if your team is in the tournament, what seed they will be in the Big Dance.

Like me, the folks at Bing are passionate about delivering valuable information and insight into the hands of college basketball fans, so I’m super excited about this tool.


Now, how do the predictions work?

The Bing Predicts team takes a look at historical statistics to see which factors contribute to strong teams who make the tournament either automatically or as an at-large bid. The Bing team then built their own power index model, updated daily, which takes in factors ranging from each team’s strength of schedule, opponents’ win/lose record, and even detailed statistical analysis regarding their on-court tendencies such as ball control, rebounding and field-goal percentage. Then, Bing Predicts adds web activity and social sentiment to tune the strengths, capturing real-time information like injuries and line-up changes.

Bing Predicts has a very strong track record when it comes to making forecasts. The technology went 15-0 in the knockout round of the 2014 men’s World Cup and they were in the top 10 percent of all experts game-by-game NFL picks this year according to the group tracked by NFL Pick Watch.

Did your team win a big game? Pull an upset? Get upset? Win a close one?

If you’re a college basketball fan, powered by Bing Predicts is a must visit all season long.