Make a Great Impression with Bing Tags

First impressions are important – and in the digital age, putting your best foot forward on the web is just as critical. Last year, we launched Bing Tags* to let you tag yourself or your friends in pages across the web. By connecting with Facebook on Bing, you could also see which pages your Facebook friends have been tagged in.

Today, based on your feedback, we’re taking Bing Tags one step further by making your tags visible to a broader audience. Now simply select the pages you want to tag and those pages will show up in search results. Whether it’s your Twitter profile, blog, or that art portfolio you’re proud of – Bing Tags lets you highlight the pages that best represent you.

You can also help your friends by tagging relevant pages about them. Was your friend quoted in the local paper, or published in an online journal? Or maybe they have a fantastic photo blog to show off? Just tag your friends to show them some love, and once they’ve approved the tags, the pages will appear on Bing. Remember – you have full control over what is shown to the public on Bing. If a friend tags you to a page, we will not surface it outside your network until you confirm the link is the one you want showing up in search results.

And if you’re an existing Bing Tags user, don’t worry. Your tags are only visible to friends until you approve and make them public.

Go to to get started!

– Diana Hsu, Program Manager, Bing Social

* Bing Tags is currently available to US users.