Find Your Oscar Nominee Look-Alike

Do you know which celebrity you most resemble? We do! Even better, we know which Oscar nominated celebrity you look most like based on our new Bing image search experience, This fun feature is now part of Bing’s Guide to the Academy Awards®, which already includes nominees and predicted winners, a printable ballot, quizzes, and more. You can access from the Academy Award guide, or go straight to the site.

Discover Your Match

All you need to do is upload a photo, or search for one on the web, and we’ll do two things:

  1. Our image search-matching technology will review Oscar® nominee web photos to match you with an Oscar nominated actor, actress or director.
  2. Show you three additional celebrity matches (not Oscar-nominee specific) that are your doppelganger contenders.

These matches are based on facial structure—think jawline, eye spacing and nose shape—and not things such as hair length or color. That means your matches will share the same facial structure, but perhaps include a mix of gender and races. for News Center

How The Tech Works: Prepare to Geek Out

The Bing team built one of the largest vision-recognition engines in the world, leveraging face and vision APIs that are part of the perceptual intelligence capabilities of Cortana Analytics. This recognition engine recognizes celebrity faces, like Tom Hanks and Keira Knightley, for example, in web images on a large scale with extremely high accuracy. The engine then links these entities to both the Bing Satori knowledge graph, where we have information about the entity, and Image Graph, where we have knowledge based on visual features and web presence of the image.  The engine, in communicating with Bing databases and using state of the art deep learning, functions as an end-to-end simulation of human behavior in understanding and learning. It continues to build and provide comprehensive knowledge on the appearance of a huge number of celebrity images, including those nominated for Oscars. Check out this paper to learn more about what it takes to recognize one million celebrities in the world.

Celebs like me face detection_2

The performance of our recognition engine is better than that of human beings in certain vision tasks, and is continuing to improve. We have some exciting stuff coming soon and will share more details in the near future.

In the meantime, go to and have fun finding your Oscar match!


Ravi Yada, Program Manager, with match, Chiwetel Ejiofor


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