Who’ll get it right on Sunday – the Academy? Bing? You? Bing puts you in the picture

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year is less than a week away and Bing will help you get ready for the 87th Academy Awards®. Whether you’re a movie buff, red carpet watcher or just love the spectacle of the show, we’ve put together an interactive guide that puts everything Oscars® at your fingertips. Come check out all the nominees and find out who we’re predicting to go home with a statue this year!

You can use our experience to explore more about the films, actors, directors, songs and cinematographers nominated for these awards. You can also watch trailers, and even find nominated songs to listen to.

After taking on the big sporting events, reality shows and elections with our predictions engine, we turned our attentions last week to the GRAMMYs. This week, we’ve put Bing to work predicting the Oscars® – but with a twist: Think you can beat Bing’s predictions? Choose who you think deserves Oscar-night glory, then use your personal Bing Oscar ballot to pick your winners and pit your choices against Bing and the Academy.

You can check out who we’re predicting to win for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and categories by searching Oscars nominations on Bing.

Oscar nominations

Select a category from the images at the top of the page to see who is nominated and who Bing predicts to win.

Best picture 2015 Oscars

Select one of the nominated films to learn more about the movie, read the reviews and watch the trailer. It’s still not too late to catch one of the nominated movies playing at a theater near you.

Boyhood movie

If one Oscar nominee reminds you that Clint Eastwood directed a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, but can’t remember the film title, Bing’s conversational understanding engine can help. Search terms such as: ‘Movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio directed by Clint Eastwood’ or ‘tom cruise movie with unicorn’ and Bing will not only find it, but let you know where to watch that movie online.

Check during and after the Oscars on February 22 to see how Bing (and you) did with the predictions, check out red carpet photos and learn more about the winners.

Want to see these experiences in action? Watch this quick overview video.

– The Bing Team