Bing round-up: Ordering food and finding the perfect getaway just got easier

Bing caters to your big night, or any night, needs with food delivery

Ordering food for your Oscars party? Or maybe it’s just too cold out to brave the elements in search of a meal. Bing makes it easier to order food right from the comfort of your couch.

For restaurants that deliver, click “order online” to launch an ordering service, such as eat24, and get dishes delivered directly to you.

Order Online button

Give it a try yourself:

Bing makes the perfect escape easier with the new hotel carousel

Whether you’re an Oscar winner looking to escape the paparazzi or “just happy to be nominated” and need a getaway after the gala, Bing helps you quickly and seamlessly compare different hotels.

Start by searching for hotels in the area you’d like to visit. In this case, let’s look at hotels in Aspen. At the top of the page, you’ll see photos and useful information on various hotels in the area, including which hotels have the best user ratings.

Hotels in Aspen

To find out more, simply click on a hotel and Bing displays more detail for that hotel while keeping the list at the top of the page active, so you can continue to explore your options. Let’s click on “Sky Hotel.”

Sky Hotel Aspen

The right-hand side of the page gives details on Sky Hotel, including review snippets, a map of the location, the average price per night, plus links for reservations and the hotel’s website. Click on another hotel if you want to compare its reviews to Sky Hotel’s.

There’s a great trip out there just waiting for you! And Bing can help you find it. Let us know how we can help on Twitter @Bing.

– The Bing Team