Bing Search for iPhone puts you in control

Last week we released an update to the Bing app for iPhone users. As always, we are thankful for all the enthusiastic feedback from our users, so please keep it coming.

Probably the most common concern people have online is protecting their privacy. Deleting search history and cookies is an easy way to manage privacy. We wanted to put our users in control, so we’ve made it simple to take these actions in the app.

The simplest method to delete past searches is by tapping the ‘Clear search history’ button that pops down from the searchbox.

You can also clear your entire history — including searches, cookies, and open webpages — by tapping the “shredder” icon in the bottom left corner of the Menu page:

Bing iPhone app - Clear history feature

We are excited to see that this update already got 4.5 star ratings in the App Store – try it today and let us know what you think.

– The Bing Team