Bing is Going Big in Dallas

OK…so maybe it is a bit of an overstatement but isn’t everything bigger in Texas? I’m packing my bags today to join some members of the Bing team in Dallas where we’ll talk to some local bloggers, SEO experts and local media to get feedback, suggestions and to just find out how Bing can be better for them. We really value your feedback and are always looking for ways we can be better. If our paths don’t cross this time, we are always following the comments in Twitter @bing as well as in the Bing Community Forums so keep them coming.

If you are in Dallas this week and would like to join us in a great SEO discussion, Duane Forester will be hosting a SEO meet up on Wednesday night at Central 214 so make sure you grab a spot and register at EventBrite. Following that we will be going out on the town so follow us at @bing on twitter for all the updates…we would love to see you.

In preparation for the trip, I am checking the weather down in Dallas with Bing’s enhanced weather results…have you had a chance to check it out yet? Go to and enter your desired location and ‘weather’ or you can type in “weather in Dallas” and you get a more comprehensive weather result right there in the results page. We are now pulling information from three different weather sources, giving you the ability to compare sources, and dive into the 10 day and hourly forecast. If you want to dig in deeper you can click “Weather in Dallas, TX” for more details including the monthly averages. Personally this is super helpful especially as I am packing for my trip tomorrow.

dallas weather

This is my first trip to the Dallas area and I hear the team is taking suggestions on things that I should do while I am there. If you haven’t already, you can cast your vote on our Facebook page. And why do I have a feeling it will be something extremely embarrassing?

Dallas…here we come!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing