The Way We Searched in 2015

We turn to search to seek information and understand what’s happening around us. Through the billions of searches conducted on Bing this year, we get a unique perspective on the moments that moved us and the people who made this year memorable. Today, we’re sharing the stories that shaped 2015 on Bing.

Bing 2015 Moments - Top Searches

We’ve looked at the Most-Searched Athletes , Most-Searched Celebrities of 2015 and more. Did Kim Kardashian make the cut for the top 10 Most-Searched Celebrities? In sports, which MMA star made the top 5? Check out Bing’s “most searched” lists to find out. And don’t miss the top strange-but-true stories of the year.

The Bing end of year recap also takes a look at the data behind some of the top searched stories and celebrities to reveal those moments that moved us — to learn, to explore, and to act. From the US Women’s World Cup victory to Caitlyn Jenner’s iconic Vanity Fair cover, to the tragedy that rallied the world in support of Paris, these pivotal people and events impacted us well beyond the news story, sparking dialogue that was ultimately reflected in the way we search. Some captured our sense of adventure, as images from the Pluto mission saw searches for the dwarf planet grow 160 percent from June to July, while the discovery of water on the surface of Mars helped drive a five-fold increase in ‘Mars’ searches from August to September. From moments of awe and inspiration, hope and sometimes even shared tragedy and pain, these events and people captured our interest.

Bing 2015 - Moments that moved us

Through search, we saw the world changing in 2015.

Start exploring the moments that moved us and the people who made 2015 memorable at Bing.

– The Bing Team