Bing at Build 2014: More Personal, Intelligent and Helpful

For Bing, the future of search is not about more search boxes – it’s about building a platform that enables applications and devices to empower people with knowledge and help them do more – not just search more. Today, we showcased work we did to enable Cortana on Windows Phone. By building a new set of Bing-powered services, we enabled a new experience that is more personal, intelligent and helpful. Last year at Build, we took the first step towards making Bing-powered services available to 3rdparty developers via a set of easy-to-implement controls. Today we are taking it a step further with three new options for developers and publishers:

App Linking:  Helping People Discover Your Acts and Take Action

App linking makes your Windows and Windows Phone apps more discoverable and enables consumers to get to the relevant page or take action in your app with a single click. Following a few simple steps, you can now easily link your app to Bing search results when users search from Windows Smart Search and Windows Phone. And because search is intent-driven, your app shows up when it’s relevant to what someone is searching for. For example, in the case of Amazon they have linked their app so when a Bing searcher looks up “Titanfall Xbox Bundle” they would see the Amazon app alongside the search results for the website. With one click, the user can then deep-link to information on “Titanfall Xbox Bundle” in the app or, if they haven’t installed the app on their device, they can install it.  You can read more on how to implement this in your apps here.

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More Personal App Interaction on Windows Phone

With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, all developers can register voice or text commands that invoke their apps, or specific functions deep within the apps. The platform even allows developers to let their users speak in natural language, freeing them from them awkward interactions. By tapping into the Bing platform, people will now be able to, for example, tell Hulu to add ‘Justified’ to your queue. You can read more here.

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Enrich Your Site with Intelligence Using Bing Knowledge Widget (Beta)

Bing Knowledge Widget (currently in beta) is a lightweight, easy-to-use JavaScript module that enhances any website or blog with the power of the Bing knowledge engine. With only a single line of code, Bing Knowledge Widget automatically detects and visualizes the entities within the content and delights visitors with rich information about the entity (and its related entities) within the context of the page and with a single tap or click. This allows publishers to increase user engagement and time-spent-on site. You can read more about Bing Knowledge Widget and where to get the embed code here.

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You can expect additional capabilities to roll out to help you create experiences that are more personalized, more contextually aware, and more proactive in helping to empower your users with knowledge and help them do more Check out the Bing Developer Center for more information.

– Stefan Weitz, Senior Director, Bing