“Geoflow” for Excel: 3D Big Data Visualization Built on Bing Maps

Today Microsoft is announcing the public preview of project codename “Geoflow” for Excel. “Geoflow” is a 3D visualization tool that helps users map, explore and interact with both geographic and chronological data, enabling discoveries that could be difficult to identify with traditional 2D tables and charts. Moreover, “Geoflow” emphasizes visual storytelling through collaborative features that show changes in data over time with beautiful screenshots and cinematic, guided video tours.

Similar to the Bing Apps for Office, which we released back in January, “Geoflow” is an example of a collaborative effort to utilize knowledge and assets Bing has already assembled for search. Core to the experience are familiar but powerful mapping capabilities that allow users to plot up to a million rows of geographical data from Excel in 3D. To see the power of Big Data on Bing Maps – including how it plots both geographical location and intensity of data via columns, bubble visualizations and heat maps – check out the “Geoflow” screenshots below:




Don’t wait, download the public preview of “Geoflow” today.

– – The Bing Team