Come find your new car

What are your must-have features for a new car? Great gas mileage? Four-wheel drive? Advanced safety features? Whatever tops your list, you’ll find informative, relevant information with new offerings from Microsoft Bing and the Autos Marketplace

When it’s time to shop for a new car, buyers can easily jumpstart their search using the homepage, and search as specifically or as generally as they need. For example, when searching for a specific make and model, like this search for a Kia K5, results show listings along with useful filters and features to learn more, explore similar options, and browse by budget.

If a shopper prefers a broader search, something more general like “SUV for sale” would show different search results, like popular SUVs, and provide the ability to browse by brand or body style. From results like these a user sees options relevant to their search, as well as other filters to help revise or expand options.

Whether you are searching for a particular make and model, or just seeing what’s out there, one important factor could be what vehicles are available locally. If proximity or immediate need is a must-have for your next car, search results shown from the homepage also provide options available at nearby dealerships. Starting a search from the Autos Marketplace, you will find vehicle information as well as a useful browse-by-map view that shows nearby dealerships, as well as real-time inventory available. Once you are ready to explore more or refine your choices, Bing search powers the information available in the Autos Marketplace bringing shoppers expert reviews from trusted publications, video content, owner reviews as well as local inventory, allowing you to virtually kick the tires before finding the perfect vehicle at the best price. 

The Autos Marketplace is your new research assistant 

Doing your homework is essential to landing the right car at the right price and using the Autos Marketplace, you’ll find new filters and helpful results that are tailored to your needs. 

Thousands of new listings are added every day and results can be sorted by budget, popularity, recently listed, or automotive brand. Searching for vehicles on the Autos Marketplace returns results that list the best car determined by the user, rather than results influenced by dealerships paid ads or other revenue-driven options. These unbiased results provide matches based on consumer criteria and can help a buyer feel more confident that they are on the right track to drive off into the sunset with a vehicle that fits both budget and lifestyle.

Insight into the history of a car is also an important factor in narrowing your search. The Marketplace provides buyers with CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on listings, where available, that offer industry-leading background checks, ownership history and more, with one click. Helpful callouts also show if a car is listed as a one-owner vehicle. The CARFAX Report can also show if the car has been in an accident, been written off, or used as a taxi or rental. This information helps provide peace of mind by showing the history of the vehicle, how it has been used, and whether it has been maintained or serviced.
Once you have a clear idea about the history of a car, price might be your next consideration. Where information is available, the Marketplace’s new price insights feature allows buyers to see how the cost of the car they are viewing relates to other similar cars. 

Now you can browse local inventory in Bing and Bing Maps 

Did you just see your next car on a local lot? You can now quicky and easily find vehicles for sale on’s new Local Auto Dealership Storefront or using the browse-by-map feature. These experiences bring together the best from Local search & Auto shopping, including helpful information about a dealership (like location, contact info, hours, reviews, and more) as well as vehicle information (like what makes, models, and prices are available nearby). If you are new to an area, or just want to browse an expanded local selection of autos, Bing Maps can also help you see what dealerships are close so you can start your research just down the road. And when you’re ready to move forward, the browse-by-maps feature will show you just how far you’ll be headed to sit behind the wheel for a test drive. 

Using these new local browse options, brought together by Bing Local search and Bing Maps, buyers can now comparison-shop across local dealerships from the comfort of the couch. With this information and CARFAX data, all shown together, buyers are in the driver’s seat to decide if they need to learn more, move forward, or choose another option. 

When it’s time to sell

These days consumers can list anything for sale online with a few clicks. Selling your car shouldn’t be any different. In just a few easy steps, your car’s listing will soon be visible to millions of users across Microsoft Bing, MSN, and Edge!

The Autos Marketplace Sell Your Car feature guides sellers through easy-to-use listing forms that get a vehicle ready for sale quickly. In just a few simple steps, sellers enter the basics about the car for sale, upload photos, add a detailed description and finish the listing with any extra info that might make the car appealing to buyers. Your car is now for sale!

So, if it’s time to trade up for bigger and better, downsize your ride, or just sell and start fresh, you’ll find useful information, helpful filters, and important price and history information all in one stop from the Autos Marketplace.  

We hope you’re as excited about these feature as we are! As always, please leave any thoughts you may have on the ‘Feedback’ button on the lower right corner of pages.