Shopping across stores, now even more convenient!

Now more than ever consumers are looking for more options to shop across multiple online stores in a single place. In the latest shopping update from Microsoft Bing, product search is now even more convenient with insights on item popularity, price across multiple stores, and deals. In addition, the checkout process is simplified to help shoppers get what they're looked for in fewer clicks.
Deal-conscious shoppers will now see “sales” and “price drops” marked on applicable items, alongside deal rankings that are “good", "great", or "epic”. Additionally, shoppers can choose to compare prices across stores or find a product’s price history over time, in just one click! The insights are show on all items for which we have relevant data.



Trend-conscious shoppers can now also discover products that are “top viewed,” “highly rated”, or “currently trending” within a category from across the web. This information, aggregated from across the web, helps give savvy shoppers the confidence to make their next purchase.

Finally, when a shopper is ready to buy, they can easily see if their item is available for “curbside pickup,”
or can try our new “Buy Now” feature for Amazon products that directly adds the item to Amazon’s cart. We’ve also begun rolling out express checkout on Edge to make purchase just a few clicks on any seller website!

Together these new features on Microsoft Bing help do the research for you, so you can save time and money and make the right purchase decision at the right time! Try your next purchase on Microsoft Bing.