Bing Helps You Reach New Year’s Health Goals

Happy New Year from the Bing team!
The Holiday season is over and many of us have made New Year’s resolutions.
Getting more exercise and eating healthy are two resolutions that often top the charts. Yet, like most resolutions, these newly formed goals are frequently broken after just one month. When asked, people cite lack of time for hitting the gym or cooking a healthy meal, lack of inspiration on what to cook, and that the weather makes it difficult to get outside and move.    
To help overcome these challenges, the Bing team created a set of search experiences that would make it easier for our users to meet their health and fitness resolutions.
Fitness & Exercise
Are you are intimidated by the gym, or have little time to spare for exercise? Already going to a gym, but not sure if you should get a personal trainer? Bing makes it easier for you to find exercise videos that fit your lifestyle so you can get moving from the comfort of your home and at your own pace and preferred level.
Search for 'workouts' or 'exercises' and you will find a broad option of exercise videos that you can navigate to on the web or further refine your search results based on your preferences.
For example, if you are looking for strength-building exercises, use the filter above the carousel to narrow your results. Refine the results further based on your gender, difficulty level, target area (arms, back, legs, etc.), focus such as cardio, flexibility, balance, or the type of equipment that you have at home (weights, Pilates ball, or even a chair).

Depending on what your favorite workout is, you can also search for 'yoga exercises' or 'Pilates exercises' and narrow-down your results by difficulty level, target area, or focus.

If you select a particular yoga pose, for example, you may be able to find a video of how to perform the pose, along with step-by-step instructions.

Eating Healthy
A large part of your health is related to what you eat, so we’ve made it easy for Bing app users to find healthy recipes and nutrition information. 
You can search based on your preferences or needs, for example 'low fat recipes' or ‘low fat stew recipes’. Once you find and click on a recipe, click on the ‘Nutrients’ tab to get a preview of information, including calories, carbs, fat, and more. And you can go to the source for all the information.

You can also quickly get information regarding nutrition by searching terms such as 'foods rich in iron' or 'foods high in calcium'.


You can also check the number of calories in a serving or measuring units for many foods. Let’s say that you are cooking and want to substitute quinoa with couscous but want to know the calorie difference between the two. Just type in Bing 'calories in one cup of quinoa' and 'calories in one cup of couscous' and compare the results.

The food search experiences are even richer with the Bing app allowing you to glimpse over preparation times and the calorie counts of the most popular recipes and quickly finding something that suits your taste.

To make sure you have access to this great food information on the go, download the Bing app.
We hope you have a great 2017, whatever your goals are, and hope Bing can be a part of your journey. If you have ideas that would help you throughout the year, go to Bing Listens.
Happy New Year,
The Bing Team