Build a Smarter Bracket with Bing

March means three things.

  1. Spring is soon to be sprung.
  2. It’s time to focus solely on college hoops.
  3. Build a better bracket with Bing Predicts.

We've been using Bing Predicts for the bracket selection process for two years now, and in that time, we've learned a few things.

Bing Predicts may be the magic ingredient for making all your bracket dreams happen. We use our intelligent machine-learning technology to analyze social and search signals, plus more than a decade of college hoops statistical data to bring you insights on every single one of your picks.

Bing March Madness

There are quintillions of ways to fill out a bracket, so we want to bring some intelligence into the often overwhelming decision making process. Here's how it works:

  • When selecting your first round matchups, use the Bing predictions to help guide your choices
  • In every subsequent pick for every subsequent round, the Bing models give suggestions and forecasts based on who you picked in the prior round. Even after the tournament starts, Bing will still provide predictions for matches in the round of 16

Our smarter bracket can work its magic on your phone as well with a fantastic mobile bracket experience. Download the Bing app and search “March Madness” to start swiping away at your bracket.

Want to use a bot to keep track of your teams? Follow them with the Bing Sportscaster bot on Facebook Messenger for news and game updates.

Good luck this March. We understand the agony involved in getting your bracket just right. If Bing Predicts can take a bit of the madness away, then we did our job.

- The Bing Team