Breaking news: Bing connects the dots to get behind the news

Earlier this summer, we introduced new features to make it easier to discover, browse and watch news stories on the go. However, it’s often hard to make sense of what’s really going on with so many individual news stories to follow. Now, we’re making it easier to connect the dots between news stories so you get the bigger picture.  

If you’re like many folks (the Bing team included!) who read news on your smartphone, you may not have the time to read full articles on the go; you want to find the most relevant ones. Now, we’re offering a way to quickly understand how individual news articles relate to a bigger picture just by reviewing headlines across different news topics so you know which articles are the best ones for you to explore further to understand the day’s news.

Explore news topics with smart labels

On Bing News on your smartphone, in the lower-right corner of each news story you’ll now see “smart labels”. These smart labels use advanced technology to determine the key topic of the article and its relationship to other news topics and articles. Click on one and you’ll open a new page with fresh articles related to that topic.

Take the example below. While reading every last article on East European geo-politics may not be realistic, exploring a few smart labels and headlines can help connect the dots between the big themes and can help you discover which articles you’re most interested in reading, especially if you’re limited on time. Clicking on the “Putin” smart label below will bring up a list of fresh articles related to the Russian president.


Looks like Putin and Greece are doing something with gas pipelines. Click ahead, or if you’ve found an article that looks relevant or if you’ve found an article that looks relevant and piques your interest, click to read it.


So Turkey’s involved with gas pipelines too, huh?


As you can see below, if you were to keep clicking and exploring more topics, in just a minute you can understand more completely how different news stories relate to each other. This helps you understand the context behind the news and so you can find the articles that are most relevant to you.


You’ll find smart labels on on your smartphone. We always want to hear from you, so go to Bing Listens or tweet @Bing to join the conversation.

– The Bing team

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