Bing makes it easy to discover, watch and browse news on the go

When checking news updates on our smartphones, we often don’t have the time or inclination to read the full article.  Sometimes we just need the gist of what’s going on, quickly and easily.  So the Bing team has made the Bing News experience easier on mobile, whether you want to stay in the know by watching short clips, scanning the headlines, seeing the images, or discovering new topics.

Everything you need to know on a hot topic – at a glance 

On the Bing homepage, we show all the topics and news that are trending on the web. Now, with just one click, you’ll get a rich, diverse and in-depth experience with the trending news headlines, images and opinions on a topic – all right there on the results page.

Here, clicking on “1st public appearance” from the Bing homepage opens up a rich experience with top news on the topic, anchored by a large picture from the most relevant news article, along with top article headlines on the topic.  Searching for other hot topics from the Bing search bar will also open this experience.


Click on that center image and it opens an interactive gallery – telling the story of the topic through images from news articles – and you can swipe left and right for more images.

Example 2

Expanding the view provides more article links as well as News Opinions, a snippet of an editorial on the topic.

Pic 5

Best of all, it’s all right there on the results page, so you can see it all in just a quick glance – or click on the headlines for a deeper read.

Watch news clips right from the Bing results page         

Just like news headlines and pictures, video is also important on mobile. So when you’re searching for a trending news story on your smartphone, Bing provides an option to watch a relevant news clip from a top source.

Example 3


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– The Bing team

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