Students make their mark on Bing

We often hear from our users that they want to have an impact on something larger than themselves. At this year’s E2 Global Educator Exchange Event, we talked with high-school students about how they — or anyone — can make their mark on Bing, where 1 in five searches in the U.S. are done.


E2 is an annual event that brings together innovative teachers and students from across the globe. The student ambassadors come from seven countries and 14 schools worldwide, but they share a passion to make education better with technology. We showed them how to use features including Bing Distill and Bing Listens to get their ideas directly to Bing.

With Bing Distill (currently invitation only), you can see other users’ pressing questions, and share your smarts by responding to, and voting on, the best answers. Whether you love differential equations or “Doctor Who,” there’s someone out there who wants to know what you know.

Bing Listens is a way to tell Bing what features you want us to make next. Got an idea for the future of search? Use Bing Listens to get your ideas in front of the people who build Bing.

We wrapped up the event with a contest to find the best educational video to share on Bing with millions of students and educators across the U.S. Using Bing video search, the student ambassadors found many great videos featuring new ways of thinking, communicating, and inspiring others.

The winning video was Rainworks – Rain Activated Art, which shows how outside-the-box thinking can be used to create delightful experiences, with nothing more than superhydrophobic coating spray and a stencil. This video is now being seen by teachers and students across the U.S. through Bing in the Classroom, giving educators more great content to enrich their classes.

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At Bing, we want to help you spread your great ideas with the world. Get started today by visiting Bing Listens, and share your own ideas!

– The Bing Team

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